OUR MISSION - "making the planet more green"

Who is Clean Protection

Clean Protection has highly effective cleaning and finishing products for all surfaces.

In order to do justice to today's material variety, we have developed more than 100 products individually and specifically for the different surface types, so that we always guarantee a perfect result in the application depending on the material. In addition, we can also develop and manufacture individual products for customers with our experts.

We produce exclusively in Germany. We obtain all materials from Germany.

Our products are biocompatible and protect the environment. If required, we can also offer the services. Our employees are certified and have the appropriate skills. We can determine the ROI and the savings individually for each application.

This is our contribution to make the planet a little greener! … and what do you do? Contact us ...

All products are tested and registered. (Food compatibility, skin-friendly and biocompatible)


Which distribution channels do we supply?


Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba
oem channel100%


Your NANO development incl. service & ready to use product


Brand and OEM products


Hotel groups, facility companies, restaurants

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